How I put myself in the driving seat for achieving my goals

Author’s screenshots, Strava and Duolingo

Without using jargon from psychology

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Who will you still judge today?

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Our most powerful teammate against our inner critic

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Green is not about jealousy here!

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“No one cares

How much you know,

Until they know

How much you care”

Author’s screenshot

My biggest distraction from an important task used to be an equally important task.

You support your inner critic

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How I stuck to my goal for 99 days (and still do)

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They do not exist

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Key takeaways:

  • Failure as reality
  • Anxiety as a normal human tendency versus anxiety as a problem
  • Decisions, decisions, decisions
  • Expect anxiety

Failure as reality

Jeev Sahoo

I write from personal yet validated experience on #Startups #Psychology #CBT. Day-job in Data & Automotive EVs. Advised 400+ founders. #HECParis #HBS Online #UK

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